Why are Dental Implants so expensive? Don’t make common and costly mistakes with dental implants!

Dental implants can be expensive. Affordable implants are easier to achieve as long as you do not fall for some of the very common and costly mistakes!

Common mistakes that cost patients more for dental implants:

Going to the Wrong Dentist for Dental Implants

Many dentists take one or two courses before they start doing dental implant surgeries, some start right out of school, for the same rate as seasoned professionals. With changing technologies, labs are making it easier for dental professionals to do full arch dental implants with the aid of a guide template. This may sound great, especially if you are saving a little money, but without decades of experience a tiny miscalculation in technique or application could lead to big problems. Also, guided systems are not cheap, so the discount you are usually getting is on the experience and skill.

Traveling to Mexico, or Other Foreign Countries, for “Cheap Dental Surgery”

While you may save a significant amount of money up front off the “sticker price,” it is usually a risk not worth the cost, for multiple reasons. There are too many unknowns when traveling out of the country for many to trust Mexican dental care. Dental treatment, and especially dental surgery, is a medical treatment/surgery. Everything done is specific to the patient and not a one size fits all scenario. Additional reasons to consider when looking at the real cost of dental surgery in Mexico, or other countries…

Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants are Expensive if you Make These Common Mistakes

Either of the top two dental implant mistakes are likely to result in an implant failure, or needing some level of revision.

A revision of dental implants may cost you much more than just time and money. Dental Implant failure can also lead to bone loss, loss of teeth, cracked and broken crowns or bridges, infections, pain and more. Correcting these issues will cost a lot more money, time, and far more additional stress than taking the time in researching the correct dental professional and implant office to invest in having it done properly the first time!

Dr. Gendler is a Diplomate of American Board of Oral Implantology, this status symbolizes the highest degree of competency in implant dentistry; one of only three in the State of Minnesota. He has done over 100,000 implant cases and has traveled the world to further his own knowledge, skill and technique, but also to teach others!


Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants in Steps.

Thinking replacing 1-2 teeth at a time will save more. Individual implants are more affordable than a full arch of teeth, but there are many reasons you should not try to use individual implants as “steps to save money” on replacing teeth with a permanent solution if you are a candidate for a full arch. The difference in materials and support structure in the mouth could lead to quicker bone loss if you leave more time than the doctor recommends. Additionally, placement may not be the same for implants if looking at individual replacement vs. full arch permanent dentures. The human mouth simply can not effectively handle a full arch of individual implants if replacing each individual tooth.

Finally, you would end up spending more replacing teeth individually than you would with a full arch permanent solution. Gendler Dental Center works with patients and any available benefits to make the right full mouth solution affordable, getting you a permanent solution quickly and affordably with dental implants.


Focusing on the Small Cost Details Rather than the Complete Value

Many patients will choose one office over another due to comparing a small line item. As an educated patient, it is important to look at the overall value of the total implant treatment which comparing pricing of dental implants. Don’t get caught up in the “line item” charge for a tooth extraction and whether the other office does a tooth extraction for $5 less. Will the dentist charge you for extra implants placed if they decided more support is needed during surgery? What is the value of having a professional that has done only 100 implants, 1,000 implants, 10,000 implants? What about Over 100,000 implants? Does the doctor guarantee any of their dental implant work with a warranty? Does the doctor limit the amount of post-operative appointments, adjustments, etc? Does the doctor have advanced technology to make your treatment quick and more comfortable? Speaking of comfort, has the doctor invested in comfort options for their patients to make visits more enjoyable? All of these things do have a value that should be considered when looking at the total pricing. How much to dental implants cost?


Gendler Dental Center works with any dental insurance benefits to maximize discounts, offer in-house discounts and payment plans to make dental implants affordable. At Gendler Dental Center, we provide our patients with extended warranties on implants, crowns, and even fillings! We work with various promotions and also third party financing companies to make a permanent denture solution affordable for our patients!

Affordable dental implants does not have to be myth! Gendler Dental Center has a range of options available at different price points for full arch restoration!

Start off the right way with a complimentary dental implant consultation today!

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