What happens if you suffer a dental emergency and your dentist’s office is closed? The fact is, it seems that many dental emergencies occur at times when a dentist’s office is closed. The dentists at Gendler Dental Center understand that and they offer this information on what to do in a dental emergency.

Don’t wait to call your dentist. Most dental practices have after hours or emergency dental hours. If your dentist doesn’t, you can call our office for assistance with your dental emergency. Getting in to see your dentist as soon as possible could help save the tooth, prevent infections or other dental complications.

Broken or knocked out tooth: If you break a tooth in a fall or because you got hit in the face or mouth, or for whatever reason, contact our office. Teeth are generally very strong, but cavities can weaken them and even something like biting into an apple or corn on the cob could break a tooth.

Be aware that a broken tooth might not even hurt, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule an emergency dental visit. You will experience tooth pain if the nerve is exposed. Drinking or eating hot or cold foods will cause pain, as well.

You can suffer a “knocked out” tooth from any number of reasons: car accident, sports traumas or an accidental fall. If you loose a tooth, call your dentist immediately. Bring the tooth with you, if possible.

If the gum is bleeding, use a cool compress on your face and put a piece of sterile gauze to stop the bleeding.

Severe or sudden toothache: You could have tooth trouble brewing below the surface and be unaware of it. Abscesses, tooth fractures, cavities, gum infections and damaged or missing fillings can all lead to a sudden or severe toothache. A toothache could lead you to experiencing sharp pain or dull, constant throbbing. A toothache may make it impossible for you to eat because of the pain. If your tooth is infected, it can impact the flavor of foods.

A toothache is a reason to call your dentist immediately. If you leave the toothache untreated it could abscess and damage surrounding teeth. An infection in your mouth can also negatively impact your overall health.

Object lodged between teeth: If something becomes lodged between your teeth, use dental floss to see if you can dislodge it. Do not use any instruments to remove the object as you could cut yourself and cause further damage. If you cannot remove the object with floss, give our office a call immediately.

Regular dental check-ups and examinations are your best line of defense in preventing dental emergencies. However, emergencies do happen and if you’re suffering one, call our emergency dental practice and get it taken care of.

Remember to brush and floss daily and to have regular dental check-ups and examinations. We are accepting new patients at our sedation dentistry practice.

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