Dental Implants have a success rate of 98% and designed to last a life time. However, implants may fail for various reasons, including peri-implantitis (infection), poor oral hygiene, the bone quality and quantity, smoking habits, implant position and the way the implants are restored. When failed implants are not treated, it can lead to more oral health problems.

What are signs of failed dental implants?

Dental Implants might fail within few month of implant surgery or many years. It could be associated with symptoms or could have no symptoms whatsoever and being revealed at dental exam.

Possible signs of dental implant failure:

  • Discomfort or pain around the implant
  • Swelling or inflammation of gum tissue
  • Implants feel loose in the jaw
  • Gum recession around the implant, exposing the implant’s metal surface

How are dental implant failures treated?

Patients should maintain good oral hygiene and look out for infection to prevent failure. However, if they need to be treated, Gendler Dental Center has the expertise to fix and restore dental implants.

Dr. Gendler and his team are known for their ability to efficiently and effectively treat failed cases. We have successfully treated countless cases with extraordinary levels of difficulty. Their expertise and innovative thinking is invaluable in terms of treatment planning. Gendler dental center ensures a successful treatment plan with outstanding results.