When you’re missing teeth, you are missing out on eating delicious foods. Missing teeth also make you uncomfortable when you meet new people and you might hide your smile behind your hand when you are in public.

Permanent Teeth In A Day is a solution that the dentists at Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, Minnesota provide as a solution for their patients who do not have any natural teeth in the top jaw and/or bottom jaw. This solution is also ideal for those patients who need to have all of their teeth removed and who want immediate implant placements.

In the past, patients would have teeth removed during one appointment and would have to go home, heal and then wait for up to nine months from their original surgery before they received a set of teeth.

Today’s technology helps patients

Dental technologies have made it possible for the dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center to give patients a set of teeth the same day as their implants are placed. Our patients can also have teeth the same day their natural teeth have been removed.

Our dentists can remove all of a patients’ teeth, place the implants and deliver teeth the same day. This is a time-saver for our patients who are busy people and who simply don’t have the time to take multiple days off from work to have their dental procedures completed.

“Teeth in a Day” also known as “immediate loading” of dental implants and teeth work best for patients needing a full arch or upper or lower restorations or bridges.

Computer-guided implant procedures

Our experienced dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center utilize a procedure called “computer-guided implantology” as a way to assure precise implant placement. The technology is also used to assure the bridges we fabricate are of high quality and superior fit.

Our patients benefit

At Gendler Dental Center, we continually seek ways to provide even higher quality service and care to our patients. We seek technologies that provide comfort, health benefits, a stunning smile and superior dental implants.

Today’s advanced dental implant technology allows our patients to have:
1. All decayed or diseased teeth removed
2. The process can be planned virtually
3. Implants, with permanent bridges

All done in one day, at one appointment.

Transform your life and your smile. Ditch the dentures! Call Gendler Dental Center and schedule your first appointment today!