Computer-guided implantology is one of the biggest innovations in dental implant science in the last 15 years. It allows fabrication of three-dimensional (3-D) computer models of patients’ oral structures, using CAT Scan data.

3D modeling can be used for virtual teeth fabrication and virtual placement of dental implants in ideal position into ideal bone. This virtual plan can then be used for surgical guide fabrication, which helps to guide implants into a perfect position as it was proposed on the virtual plan.

Computer-guided implantology has numerous advantages:

  • 3D models provide invaluable guidance when planning implant placement
  • Final treatment outcome is visible before the surgery begins
  • Surgical guides enable the procedure to be carried out in a highly precise manner
  • Final teeth can be delivered at the time of surgery
  • Guided implant surgical protocol improves placement predictability and accuracy
  • Allows use of Flapless surgical approach
  • Surgical time is dramatically reduced


  • First, we take the patient’s CAT Scan.
  • Second, the digital information gathered from the scan is processed by a special planning program to create a 3-D virtual model, teeth, and plan.
  • Third, once the surgical guide (template) is fabricated, the patient returns for a one-hour, mainly incision-free surgery for the implants. Generally only local anesthesia is needed to numb the tissues.

The process:

  • A surgical template (similar to a night guard) is placed over your teeth
  • Stabilization pins are used to hold the guide in the correct position
  • Drill sleeves are used to precisely guide the implants into the jawbone in the exact location where the teeth are planned to be

In addition to superb accuracy and precision, this process allows the use of the Flapless procedure, a simpler procedure with numerous benefits:

  • Surgery takes about 1 hour
  • High accuracy
  • Virtually painless
  • Minimal swelling
  • Cost-effective, with fewer dental visits
  • Beautiful final teeth
  • Can be done for the upper or lower jaw (in the same day!)
  • Can return to work the following day