Many people are fearful of the dentist. They will find any reason to avoid having a dental check-up or dental examination. As doctors of Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, Minnesota can attest, dental phobia is a paralyzing fear that keeps them from seeking regular dental care.

Statistically, one out of every seven people will avoid dental care. Because of this they experience unnecessary complications, continued deterioration of their teeth and overall oral care and embarrassment from a less-than-brilliant smile. People will suffer unnecessary pain because they fear the dentist.

At Gendler Dental Center, we are dedicated to serving these people – the ones with dental phobia, the patients who have avoided having dental care because they are embarrassed. Our dental staff has been practicing Sedation Dentistry since 2004. During the past 12 years we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise dealing with phobic and fearful patients. Our dental staff works to create an environment in which our patients can be free of fear and experience less pain. The dentists and dental hygienists at Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, MN are known for their record of patient safety and comfort.

We are committed to patient comfort and safety every step of the way and during every dental procedure.


We understand dental phobic patients. How we address fears are through the use of sedation dentistry administered either orally or through IV. Many times, we have found that simply listening to our patients, understanding their fears and working with them to make them feel relaxed and comfortable is all that’s necessary to help them through their dental examination or dental treatment.

Relaxation dentistry, is what we practice at Gendler Dental Care. Relaxation dentistry means that we help our patients become comfortable and relaxed by creating an atmosphere that enhances those feelings. A gentle touch and an empathetic manner go much farther than administering sedation medication.


Over the years, the dentists at Gendler Dental Care have “transformed” many of our dental phobic patients into those who are non-dental phobic. We restore their confidence in dentistry by being a dental care provider that shows “dentistry does not have to be traumatic physically or mentally.”

We are proud by our skill and ability to transform patients’ lives and give them the ability to have healthy mouths and smiles they want and deserve.


Our team supports our patients’ unique needs. From the first call – whether you’re a dental phobic patient, or not – the first phone call is when we work to make you feel comfortable. Our dental staff will ask about your dental history, your dental concerns, any history of trauma to the mouth and whether you have any dental fears.

We listen to your story and for those dental phobic patients, we appreciate the magnitude of your fear. We will discuss with you the easiest and safest way to bring you the comfort and dental care you need.


  • People with severe dental fear or dental phobia resulting from a prior traumatic dental experience
  • Patients looking for “pill” to reduce anxiety during their visit experience
  • Time-constrained executives and busy parents who need their dental care performed in a single visit.
  • People with high fear of visiting the dentist
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • People with a bad gag reflex
  • People with sensitive teeth
  • People who hate needles and shots
  • People who hate noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care
  • People who are embarrassed about their teeth and lack of dental care

At Gendler Dental Care, we are one of the few dental practices in Minnesota that routinely performs full-mouth rehabilitation using the full array of Sedation Dentistry with years of proven success.