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My name is Dr. Joseph Gendler. I am the founder of Gendler Dental Center and the lead dentist in our Implant Group. I would like to take this chance to personally welcome you to our website and I hope to have the chance to welcome you into our office as well. Please use our website to find all the necessary information about dental implants, along with meeting our team.

In the 20+ years we have been restoring missing teeth with dental implants, we have changed the lives of thousands of patients. We have given patients back the ability to smile with confidence, and eat the foods they love again.

At Gendler Dental Center, we take the time to listen to your personal story and situation and work hard to find the best solution especially for you.

Please call us at 952-836-1113 so we can discuss finding a time for you to come in, meet our team, and find out what we can do to help you.

We also offer a Patient Educational Seminar for you to find out what contemporary dental implants can offer.

Thank you for visiting our web site, we hope to see you soon!

Dr. Joseph Gendler

Your Choice For Dental Implants In Hopkins, MN

When you need to replace missing teeth or add confidence back to your smile, our dental implants offer the perfect solution. Compared to conventional tooth replacement treatments, our implant patients can enjoy:

The longest-lasting restoration in modern dentistry
A treatment that strengthens their bite
Results that look and feel like real teeth
Permanent restorations that add confidence
Fuller facial profiles, for a younger appearance
3D guided planning, for exceptional results

What Are Dental Implants?

Getting dental implants is the most realistic tooth restoration available when it comes to rehabilitating your smile. Each artificial tooth root is set into the jaw, where teeth have fallen out or have been extracted. As your body forms new bone around the implant, it integrates with your jaw and fuses into place.

Types of Implant Restorations

Depending on the number of teeth that you need to replace, our implant dentists in Hopkins, MN may recommend one of the following:

Single Crowns — For a traditional tooth replacement with implants, we place a porcelain crown on top of the individual implant abutment. Your new “tooth” is easy to care for; just brush and floss it every day.

Implant Supported Bridge — Instead of wearing a partial denture, you can get two implants to support a bridge up to 3 or 4 teeth long.

Stabilized Dentures — Implants make it possible to secure a full mouth denture in place, so there’s no rocking or slipping while you eat. Stabilized overdentures can be removed, while hybrid designs are permanently affixed in place on top of your implants. As few as 2-4 implants are usually all that’s needed.

Book a dental implant consultation at Gendler Dental Center today. During your visit, we will provide you with an itemized treatment plan detailing all of the time, costs, and preparation involved. Call now to schedule.

How do we make implants so affordable?

We do multiple dental implants and multiple dental implant-related procedures every week. Because we do so many procedures we have streamlined the dental implant procedure for our patients.

Efficiency and improved workflows means that the dentists at Gendler Dental Center can offer dental implants at a lower cost than can many of the other dentists in our area.

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Dental implants can give you back your smile and your ability to chew and enjoy food; necessary items for a happy, healthy quality of life.

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