Who should try sedation dentistry?

Every patient is unique. If you have avoided the dentist because of paralyzing fear, if you have suffered a traumatic dental experience you will avoid seeking dental care.

Some people put off going to the dentist because they don’t have the time. Other people have a low pain tolerance or resistance to the numbing injections most dentists use. Some dental patients can’t control a gag reflex and still others are too embarrassed about the condition of their teeth.

No matter your reason, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or to let pain stop you from seeking dental treatment.

Dr. Gendler and his team of dental professionals in Hopkins, MN often see patients who have not been to a dentist in years. It’s not unusual for us to see patients who require extensive, complex treatment. The good news is that with sedation dentistry, we can usually accomplish complete care and restoration in one comfortable, anxiety free visit.

I’m afraid to come to your office alone. May I bring someone with me?

Yes. Bring a reassuring companion, spouse or parent to your dental treatments and examinations. Let us know other ways in which we might make you feel more comfortable.

Even a routine cleaning causes me pain. Can you help me?

Gendler Dental Center focuses on completing procedures with minimal or no discomfort. We will work with you to find the best anesthesia solution for your comfort. You may even request sedation dentistry for your regular dental examinations and check-ups.

I haven’t been to the dentist in decades, how many appointments will I need?

Many of our sedation patients visit us only a few times- once for a consultation, the second time for dental treatment and third time for necessary follow-ups which vary depending on the dental treatment you’d undergone.

During your consultation with the team we will work with you to get your dental history, understand your dental fears and what you want to accomplish with your dental health.
The second visit will focus on completing your treatment plan. The third visit is a treatment completion with final adjustments.

Most dental needs can be taken care of in a few appointments in our office. During every appointment and dental treatment, our goal remains the same: to provide you the most positive dental experience possible.

I don’t live in Minnesota; can you recommend a dentist?

Many of our patients travel from across the country to receive treatment at our office in Hopkins, Minnesota. The reason for this is that we are one of only a few dental practices that provide a full array of anesthesia. Because of this and because of the dental treatment plan you choose, our dental staff can complete your treatment in one day.

How do I become a patient of Gendler Dental Care?

Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you.
We will gather information regarding your health. Then we’ll discuss your specific needs and desires for your dental outcomes. After you’ve talked with our caring dental professionals, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Don’t wait any longer. If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a dentist, your teeth are probably deteriorating at an accelerated rate. Don’t allow more damage to occur. There’s no need to suffer pain. Call Gendler Dental Center today at (952) 836-1113.

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