Gendler Dental Center offers sedation dentistry MN services for patients who have been avoiding dental work due to their anxiety or fear of pain. During a sedation dentistry visit, a trained dental professional administers a sedative that relaxes you and takes away your anxiety. Because some of these sedatives may cause drowsiness, you should bring someone with you to drive you home after your visit. These are just some of the benefits of choosing our sedation dentistry services.

Reduced Anxiety

Some of our patients have a lot of anxiety about undergoing dental work. This anxiety sometimes prevents them from scheduling necessary preventive care or restorative dental work. Sedation dentistry helps reduce anxiety levels so even the most nervous patients can get their teeth taken care of in a timely manner.

Reduced Pain

Many dentists use Novocain to reduce pain in their patients. Unfortunately, some people do not respond as well to this drug as others. As a result, they feel much more of the dental work because they do not get as numb as they should. Someone who does not respond well to Novocain may decide to undergo sedation to eliminate pain.

Multiple Procedures

Novocain is ideal for short dental procedures, but patients undergoing multiple procedures are often more comfortable if they are sedated. Once the sedative reduces anxiety and fear, the dentist is better able to perform extensive dental work with a minimum of discomfort.

Individual Circumstances

Some patients make ideal candidates for sedation because of their individual circumstances. Those with physical disabilities may prefer sedation to keep them comfortable throughout their treatments. Some people have particularly strong gag reflexes, making it difficult to complete their dental work. These are just some of the possible reasons someone might choose to take advantage of our sedation dentistry MN services. Another benefit of using sedation is that people who fear needles can still get their dental work completed without having to face their fears. Some sedatives come in pill or gas form, so there is no need to use needles with every patient.

Pediatric Patients

Pediatric patients can really benefit from sedation because it helps ease their fears. Getting dental work done for the first time can be a scary experience for a young child. Sedation dentistry makes it possible to perform preventive services and other dental procedures while a child is comfortable and relaxed. This also reduces the risk that a child will develop an ongoing fear of visiting the dentist, making it easier to get kids to take care of their teeth properly.

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