At Gendler Dental Center, we have decades of experience with traditional dentistry techniques and practices. However, new technology has transformed the field in recent years, and if you haven’t been to a dentist lately, you may be surprised at how far it has come. We continue to learn about and incorporate the latest technology, to make your dentistry experience safe and comfortable, and to provide the best possible results. Explore our services below to learn more about what we offer.

Digital Radiography

  • Instant image.
  • High quality.
  • Super-low radiation.
  • Comfortable for patients.
  • Dental X-rays


3D Dental Imaging is powerful and most advanced treatment and diagnostic tool for:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental pathology
  • Orthodontics.
  • TMJ and Airways TREATMENT

Digital Impressions and Teeth Scans

  • No more “goop” impressions.
  • No more “gagging”.
  • Faster process.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Better fitting dental restorations

Trios 3shape Intraoral Digital Scanner

  • Digital impressions using superior scanning technology
  • No more messy and unpleasant tasting trays.
  • See your future smile in-office with TRIOS®️ Smile Design
  • Understand the transitions throughout the treatment plan with TRIOS®️ Treatment Simulator

Implant Planning Software

Unmatched tool for diagnostics and planning for Dental Implants and Restorations.

Dental Lasers

  • More Natural Dentistry.
  • Accuracy & Precision.
  • Reduced tissue trauma.
  • Less Bleeding & Swelling.

Digital Imaging – Smile Preview

  • Preview your new smile quickly and easily.
  • Plan your new smile makeover without ever touching your teeth!
  • No more guesswork!!!


  • Continuous illumination, aspiration and retraction.
  • Patient comfort, no feeling of gagging or choking.
  • Cuts the time spend in the dentist’s chair.

Vital Signs Advanced Monitor

  • Provides information for instant critical decision-making and to guard patient’s safety.
  • Continuously monitors: Blood Pressure, heart rate, oxygen level in the blood stream and ECG.

Laser Cavity Detection

  • Laser-based tool to detect decay painlessly, non-invasively and much earlier than previously possible.
  • Early detection translates directly into effective treatments that require less time, discomfort and money.

Intraoral Camera

Detailed images that allow the ability to see inside areas of the mouth, which provides a better understanding of a problem and its treatment.

Scope Cancer Screening

Fluorescence technology uses a blue light that allows a clinician to identify oral cancer, pre-cancer and other abnormal lesions at an earlier stage, thus saving lives.