For many patients, the fear of getting a needle is one of the things that keep them from visiting the dentist regularly. New advances in technology make it possible for the dentists at Gendler Dental Center to eliminate the need for shots in many cases. We use laser dentistry technology to perform several dental services without pain and discomfort.

Laser Technology

Our dentists use the Waterlase dental laser, along with an air and water spray, to remove dental decay and perform other dental procedures. This laser has pinpoint accuracy, which reduces the risk of damage to the teeth and gum tissue. This laser also has an added benefit when compared with traditional dental tools: high-speed drills sometimes leave behind dead organic material, making it difficult for fillings to bond properly to the surface of the tooth. The laser does not leave this material behind, so there is a better surface for bonding.

Dental Procedures

In addition to removing dental decay, this laser is also a helpful tool for performing other types of dental work. Our dentists use the Waterlase to prepare cavities for treatment, perform root canals, reshape smiles and perform soft tissue procedures. Dentists also use this laser tool for procedures involving dentin or tooth enamel. In many cases, the laser eliminates the need for local anesthetics and reduces discomfort.

Benefits of MN Laser Dentistry

Using this laser has several benefits for patients. Those used to the pain of a high-speed drill will be happy to know that the Waterlase does not use vibration or heat to cut the tooth. This almost completely eliminates pain. This is a very precise tool, which means that your dentist can remove tooth decay without damaging healthy tissue. In some cases, drills can cause the teeth to crack. Using this laser technology helps avoid this complication. This tool also reduces the risk of infection. Before the development of this laser tool, some dentists could not perform soft tissue procedures in their offices. We can perform soft tissue procedures right at the Gendler Dental Center with a minimum of bleeding and other complications. Using this laser tool, we can also treat periodontal disease (gum disease) by removing plaque and diseased tissue. The laser eliminates the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, making it easier to manage this dental problem.

If you have been putting off needed dental work due to your fear of needles, contact us to discuss our Minneapolis laser dentistry services today.

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