Dental Implants Can Fix Your Smile

Do you avoid looking in the mirror because you’re ashamed of your teeth? Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you smile because your teeth embarrass you? Are you not in any family photos because your smile is something you don’t want everyone to see?

What are you missing out on?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, or if you’re embarrassed to smile because of bad or missing teeth, know that you are not alone. We know that many people hide their smiles because they are self-conscious of their teeth. We also know that many people will avoid major family events like reunions, weddings or graduations because of a smile they’re ashamed of.

Imagine too, if you’re looking for a job and you can’t smile with confidence you may be hindering your job prospects.

No matter why you have neglected your teeth and your dental health, the dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, Minnesota can help.

Here are some of the many reasons we have heard why people neglect their dental health:

1. They don’t have the money
2. They don’t have the time
3. They have sacrificed for their children
4. They don’t know what’s involved in dental implant procedures
5. They are ashamed to see a dentist because they’ve neglected their smiles for so long
6. They are afraid of the dentist
7. They have a bad gag reflex

You don’t have to suffer any more!

Whatever the reason you’ve neglected your dental health, know that you’re not alone. Also, know that the dentists and the entire dental team at Gendler Dental Center are caring, compassionate and do not judge. We are here to help you get your smile and your dental health back.

The best cosmetic and dental implant dentists in the Hopkins, MN area, Dental Gendler Center doctors can help you smile confidently once again. They can even give you the smile you have always dreamed of, but may not have been blessed with! We work with our patients to develop a unique treatment plan to address their dental concerns.

Caring, compassionate, experienced dental implant dentists

The dental team and cosmetic dentists at Gendler Dental Center understand what it’s like to have dental problems and the pain and embarrassment that goes with it.

Missing or decayed teeth can make you look older than you really are. The premature aging caused by missing teeth leads to emotional pain as well as physical pain. Our cosmetic dental procedures are designed to make you look better and help you retain your physical appearance.

Gendler Dental Center is a one-stop dental practice that provides life-changing cosmetic and implant dentistry.

The dentists and the talented dental team treat dental problems that include:
1. Failing teeth
2. Dullness of, and tartar buildup on teeth
3. Crown placement or replacement
4. Dental and mouth concerns, or management of aging
5. Complex (full mouth) dental rehabilitation including dental implant procedures

Getting started on regaining your smile and your dental health

Your dental treatment begins with a friendly conversation about your hopes and dreams and what you want to ultimately achieve with your smile. The discussion ends with a solution that you are happy with.

Each patient is unique and that means that each dental treatment plan is uniquely personalized to you.

Advanced Implant Dentistry

The dental implant professionals, dental team and dentists at Gendler Dental Center have traveled the world to undertake intensive training from top dental implant specialists. We then bring our training and knowledge back to our Hopkins, MN practice for the benefit of our patients.

Our dentists and dental team provide everything you need in one convenient location, including comprehensive evaluation (we offer 3D CAT scan) and implant and crown placement. What does this mean for you? It means you may be able to have your entire dental procedure done conveniently at one location. You also won’t have to drive all over town for procedures. We make your dental procedure simple, easy and convenient for you.

Comfortable Dental Implant and Dental Procedures

If you’ve had a bad experience at a dentist’s office in the past, you can rest assured that the dentists and dental team at Gendler Dental Center can work with you and help alleviate your fears and provide you with a virtually pain-free dental visit.

Complex dental work doesn’t have to be daunting and fear-filled. We provide various levels of sedation dentistry and good old-fashioned TLC (tender loving care) for our patients who are afraid of the dentist. We even provide a level of IV (intravenous) sedation that allows you to sleep through the procedure and wake with little to no memory of the dental procedure. The only “reminder” you will have of your dental procedure is having the smile of your dreams!

Don’t let fear or embarrassment keep you from having the smile of your dreams. Call our office and schedule a consultation today 952-836-1113.