When children learn about dental health at a young age, it is easier for them to develop habits that will keep the teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Parents and other caregivers are faced with the difficult task of getting kids excited about dental hygiene, but there are several good ways to make the process a lot easier on both kids and adults. Use these tips to make dental hygiene fun for everyone.

Buy Kid-Friendly Products

Kid-friendly products encourage children to brush their teeth regularly and may even make the process of brushing the teeth a little less scary for younger children. Toothpaste tubes with popular cartoon characters or bright colors can keep fear at bay and make it fun to brush. Colorful toothbrushes are another powerful tool for helping children overcome their anxiety about brushing. If you are not sure how to select the right toothbrush for a child, talk to a dentist in Hopkins MN about what type of brush is right for your child. Picking the right flavor toothpaste is also important. Kids might like grape or bubble gum flavors better than the standard mint and cinnamon flavors used in toothpastes made for adults.

Use Age-Appropriate Teaching Methods

A good Hopkins dentist knows that age-appropriate teaching methods are the best way to help kids learn how to take care of their teeth and gums. For young children, it may be helpful to use a timer or one of the small hourglasses that come with some board games when teaching proper brushing techniques. Set the timer or turn the hourglass over and tell your child to keep brushing until the alarm goes off or the sand runs out of the top of the hourglass. This teaching technique helps kids get used to brushing their teeth for a certain length of time. Older children can learn about tooth decay and the importance of good dental health by reading kid-friendly books or doing home experiments with apples and other foods. If you need a refresher on the right way to brush your teeth, talk to your Twin Cities dentist.

Finding a Kid-Friendly Practice

If a child is afraid to visit the dentist, it will be a lot harder to stress the importance of good dental hygiene. Finding a kid-friendly Hopkins dentist is one of the best ways to relieve some of these fears. Kid-friendly dentists like the ones at Gendler Dental will put children at ease by explaining what is going to happen in terms that kids can understand. Before visiting the dentist, you should let your child know what to expect. Talk to someone at your dental office to find out what will happen during your child’s first visit. This will make it easier to put your child at ease.

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