The Secret About Dentures That No One Talks About

Dentists who have been in practice for any length of time will tell you that they have either made or prescribed dentures to their patients who have requested them.

The reasons some dentists are “forced” to give their patients dentures include:
1. The patient has been wearing dentures for decades and needs an old set replaced.
2. They feel they can’t afford dental implants
3. The patients’ teeth are in such bad shape that they simply cannot afford all of the work involved in removing their teeth and getting dental implants.
4. Some people assume that dentures are their only option—they’ve never heard of, or considered dental implants.
5. They assume that dentures will fix their smile and replace their natural teeth in the easiest way.

Some people have simply avoided going to a dentist because their teeth are simply “too bad” and they feel embarrassed so they avoid getting them fixed.

At Gendler Dental Center, our dental team – from our receptionist to our entire dental staff – work with patients who have avoided the dentist for any number of reasons. We promise you that we will make you as comfortable as possible and that we are a judgement-free dental zone. We understand there are many reasons that people neglect their teeth:
1. Fear
2. Lack of money
3. They sacrificed their own dental health so their children could have better teeth

If you’ve avoided the dentist because you’re afraid of what they will think, or are afraid of what will happen, Dr. Gendler, of Gendler Dental Center, wants to address some of these very important points.

You’re afraid of the dentist

If you have experienced pain or had a bad dentist visit with another dentist in the past, we understand that is a reason you wouldn’t be in a hurry to schedule an appointment.

Dental technology has changed and advanced in such a way that an experienced and caring dental team, like ours at Gendler Dental Center can assure you feel little to no pain during all of your dental visits.

We can even offer you medications that you can take prior to your dental appointment to help you relax and relieve your fears.

During a dental treatment procedure – whether a cleaning or a dental implant – we offer various levels of sedation dentistry as a way to make your appointment as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

When you call our office to schedule your first appointment or a consultation, let our staff know of your dental fears so we can make certain we work with you from the moment you step foot in the door of our dental practice in Hopkins, MN.

You have a bad gag reflex

If you have a strong, or bad, gag reflex and have avoided the dentist we have ways to help you relax during your appointment and alleviate some of the gag reflex issues you may have.

If you are considering dentures we want to let you know that in many patients, dentures trigger the gag reflex. Some people believe that it’s “best to wait until my teeth are so bad that the only option is to pull them all and just get dentures.” This is an unhealthy option because your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your physical health and if your mouth is unhealthy it can lead to other health issues.

Also, if you’re waiting to have all of your teeth pulled so you can “get dentures and get it over with” we are here to tell you that dentures can make you gag – it’s a harsh truth that not all dentists talk with patients about.

Waiting until your teeth are “beyond repair” will cost you more money than if you have your dental issues addressed as they arise. Neglecting your teeth and not having regular dental examinations, check-ups and cleanings will also cost you more in the long run.

Denture wearers with a bad gag reflex, we’ve found, tend to not wear their dentures. They feel like they are going to throw up every time they put their dentures in, so they avoid wearing them. This means they probably also avoid eating, talking and even going out with friends and family.

Patients with bad gag reflexes find they do better with dental implants because a dental implant is a replacement for a natural tooth and acts like a natural tooth. Dental implants do not trigger gag reflexes.

Are full dentures the best option?

If you’re thinking you need to either wait until you lose all of your natural teeth or that you want to have your natural teeth pulled so you can get a complete set of dentures, we want to tell you that should be your last resort.

We want you to know that having a full set of dentures is NOT at all like having a full set of natural teeth. When you have a full set of dentures, many people find they can barely chew their favorite foods.

Dentures rely on “suction” to stay in place, but there is no suction on the bottom dentures – you just hope that they sit there and don’t shift out of place when you talk or chew. Your tongue or denture adhesive might help keep them in place, but it is not likely.

Losing your natural teeth ages you

From the moment you lose your natural teeth or have them extracted, your face begins to age. You have likely seen those people who have “sunken cheekbones” and that is the result of having lost their natural teeth.

Wearing dentures does nothing to help preserve the bone in your jaw. Wearing dentures might help your face retain its appearance, for a short time. However, it will not take long for the bone that held your natural teeth in place begins to resorb – literally disappear – and this leads to the “collapse” process of your facial features.

Within the first few months of wearing dentures your face will appear to have aged several years. This rapid deterioration will continue even if you are diligent in wearing your dentures.

When you wear dentures, instead of having dental implants placed, you will experience a rapid aging of your face. In addition to the physical changes, the emotional changes a patient faces can impact the quality of their life.

Dentures should be a last resort option because of the physical and emotional changes they wreak on your face and mind.

Dentures need continued dental treatment

Did you know that when you get dentures, you will still need to see a dentist? It’s true. You will have to go back to your dentist every couple of years to have the dentures “re-lined.”

The reason for this is that as our jaw bone continues to recede, the dentures will fit more loosely than they did when they were new. A dentist will need to add new plastic to your existing dentures in order to make them fit, even marginally.

If you don’t visit your dentist every couple of years:
1. The dentures will move around even more.
2. Chewing and speaking will become even more difficult.
3. If you haven’t already, you will begin experiencing mouth sores

It’s unfortunate, but many people try to live with the consequences of not having their dentures re-lined and wait until they cannot chew at all. If they’ve waited for too long to have the dentures re-lined, nature will create more skin in your gums to take up the space between the gum and your denture – this may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. As time goes on, the soft tissue of the new skin in the gum simply becomes “soft and flabby” and this skin won’t support the weight of the dentures and the denture wearer experiences even more pain and more difficulty chewing and talking.

What can you do to replace missing or decayed teeth?

When your natural teeth are “beyond repair” replacing them with dental implants is the best way to assure your long-term dental health and your physical appearance.

Our dental implant dentists can replace your missing natural teeth with individual dental implants or they can replace your missing natural teeth with removable partial dentures.

What are partial dentures?

This tooth replacement option is more comfortable and secure than are full dentures. Partial dentures will not cover the roof of your mouth and that means you can still enjoy the flavor of your favorite foods.
Partial dentures will also not trigger a gag reflex.

If you have a few natural teeth remaining, a dental arch can be made and fitted to those teeth. If you have any of your natural teeth remaining you can greatly reduce the aging process that comes with wearing full dentures and having no natural teeth remaining.

If you have no natural teeth remaining, you may want to schedule a consultation with one of our dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center and discuss your options for regaining your dental health and your smile through dental implants.

Transform your life and your smile. Ditch the dentures! Call Gendler Dental Center and schedule your first appointment today!