We know there probably many more than five reasons to hate your dentures. We didn’t want to take too much of your time so we narrowed our list to five.

If you wear dentures you already know a few of the many reasons many people hate their dentures; they are common among many denture-wearing individuals.

The dentistry professionals at Gendler Dental Center in Minnesota have fitted many patients for dentures. We try our best to assure the dentures are a comfortable and reliable fit and that they look natural. Unfortunately with dentures, there is only so much that can be done with traditional partials or full dentures. Those who wear dentures know that only too well.

Here are the five reasons we have heard from patients as to why they hate their dentures.

#1: They Don’t Stay In Place!

The most common complaint we hear from denture wearers is that no matter how much adhesive they use, the dentures simply don’t stay in place. Dentures have a tendency to slip, fall out when you’re eating or talking and because of this they cause you embarrassment in front of friends, family and even worse, strangers.

The way dentures are supposed to stay on your gums is through “suction,” but let’s face it, they only do that for a small portion of the time and they never have enough “suction” to provide a snug fit and offer you a level of comfort.

Also, the longer you wear dentures and the more your bone recedes, the worse they fit.

#2: It’s Nearly Impossible To Enjoy The Foods You Once Did!

When was the last time you ate an apple or a piece of corn on the cob? Chewed gum? Enjoyed a steak? We know that when you wear dentures, eating your favorite foods is sometimes still not possible. In fact, meals can take a lot of effort and cutting your food up into tiny bites takes away the joy of the meal.

Even with your food cut into child-sized bites, chewing is not the simple to perform task it once was – before you got dentures.

When you wear dentures you may find yourself avoiding eating healthy, nutritious meals simply because it’s too hard to chew. Many denture-wearers are also older, and because of this, proper nutrition is a must to maintain physical health.

Our dental team doesn’t believe that anyone should have to plan their meals around how well their dentures are fitting and to have to limit themselves to soft foods.

#3: Dentures Make It Difficult To Even Taste Your Food

Our mouths are filled with taste buds, but when you wear dentures, many of the areas of your mouth on which the taste buds reside are covered by the denture itself.

When you made the decision to become a denture-wearer, you probably never considered – and your dentist may not have mentioned – your palate and its importance in helping you taste and enjoy food would be impacted by wearing dentures.

Without the sense of taste, you may as well be eating cardboard. Dentures cover much of your soft palate and this takes away one of the most enjoyable parts of a meal – its taste.

Many denture-wearers, as we mentioned, are older and because of not being able to chew and because they can’t taste their food, malnutrition is common.

Did you know? Denture-wearers have a shorter life expectancy than those who don’t wear dentures? This is because of the inability to chew or taste food and that leads to poor dietary habits.

When the act of eating is more sadness and work than joy, it’s no surprise that many denture-wearers aren’t as healthy.

#4: Wearing Dentures Hurts

We have seen many denture-wearers in our office who have been suffering with redness, swelling, open sores and even hives from their dentures. The reason? Your gums aren’t meant to handle the force of the dentures on your gums when you’re chewing.

When you eat and when you speak you are exerting pressure on the dentures and they are rubbing on your gums. This pushes the hard material of the dentures into your gums, which exerts pressure on the jawbone below and leads to all manner of pain.

Your natural teeth, or dental implants, don’t hurt when you chew or talk because the force from using your teeth is distributed across your jaw so you don’t feel the force. With dentures, that force is concentrated and causes pain.

#5: Over Time, The Fit Of Dentures Gets Worse

If you’re a long time denture wearer you know that they don’t fit as well as they did when you first got them, right? Be honest, though, they never really fit well.

Over time, the bones in your jaw begin to “disintegrate” and that makes the dentures fit more poorly than they originally did.

Without your natural teeth or dental implants, to support the bone in your jaw, the bone begins to be absorbed by your body. This process doesn’t stop and over time, this bone loss makes your dentures fit even worse, which makes them harder to wear and causes even more issues when you try to eat or talk.

What Can The Dental Implant Professionals From Gendler Dental Center Do To Help?

Denture education is key. It’s not the dentures that are the problem, it’s the fact that traditional dentures being used to replace missing teeth has never been a reliable, long-lasting solution.

While we know there are still some patients who want to try traditional dentures, and yes, they are less expensive than dental implants, we know that dental implants are the only way to replace missing natural teeth that will also help preserve the bone mass in your jaw.

Dental implants, placed by our experienced dental team are the most reliable solution. We even have a way to offer dental implants which act as artificial tooth roots, and place dentures on top of them. This procedure would involve our placing only a few dental implants for support – as opposed to a separate dental implant for each missing tooth – and placing a partial denture on top of the dental implants.

The dental implants, and a modification to your dentures, means the denture will stay in place, you’ll be able to eat and talk and you won’t suffer the pain caused by dentures that slip around and fit improperly.

With this procedure, your palate will remain uncovered which means you will be able to taste and enjoy your food. This is important because malnutrition is a side effect of wearing traditional dentures.

Dental implants to hold your dentures in place means they stay put from when you put them in the morning, until you go to bed at night.

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