Emergency dentist in Minnetonka can make sure that your emergency is our priority as well. Nobody wants to have a prolonged toothache, let alone have a cracked tooth and have to live with it for a couple of days before it gets looked at. That’s why our guys are considered as some of the finest ones around if you are looking for an emergency dentist in Minnetonka MN. We make sure that you get the services that you need on the same day that you come to our dental center.

Our center considers as a dental emergency toothaches, chipped or broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, extruded or partially dislodged teeth, objects caught in between teeth, missing fillings, missing crowns, broken brace wires, loose brackets, abscesses, or soft tissue injuries.

In other words, when you have or are experiencing any of the above problems, you have a dental emergency, and you need immediate dental attention. So when you call up our center for an appointment, do not forget to mention to the person you are talking to that what you have is a dental emergency. You will be scheduled right away.


Every minute counts when you have a dental emergency. That is why our guys make it a point that you get looked at as soon as possible and without no delays. In other words, the more serious your dental problem is, the more you are prioritized in scheduling appointments. Although dental emergencies may not be immediately life threatening, these are emergencies nonetheless. And we take the concerns of our patients very, very seriously. After all, nobody wants to be in pain whether it be for a minute or an hour.

We offer our care and services to residents of Minnetonka and other locations. Please call our hotline right away for immediate care and attention.