Many people only think about the dentist twice a year when it is time to schedule a cleaning. Unfortunately, many dental emergencies can occur throughout the year. If you do not have an emergency dentist at your disposal, you could needlessly suffer with pain and other symptoms for several days. Fortunately, Gendler Dental Center offers emergency dental services for people in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. These are just a few of the ways we can help you in the event of a dental emergency.

Broken Teeth

Although teeth are usually very strong, they can chip, break or crack under the right circumstances. Cavities weaken the teeth, making them easier to break. Falling, biting down on something very hard or getting hit in the mouth can also cause broken or chipped teeth. There is no way to treat a break or fracture at home, so you must visit a dentist as soon as possible. At Gendler Dental Center, we can help determine if the root of the tooth is in danger and come up with a treatment plan to restore or replace the tooth.


Not only do toothaches cause pain, they also make it difficult to eat, smile, talk and do many other normal activities. There’s no need for you to suffer all weekend if you have a bad toothache. Our team will help determine the cause of the toothache and treat it appropriately. We can also help with pain management to reduce discomfort.

Problems with Braces

Anyone who has ever had a broken wire or loose bracket knows how important it is to get the problem fixed quickly. Our team can assist you with broken wires, loose brackets, loose bands and other problems caused by braces.

Infections and Abscesses

Dental abscesses can cause pain and make it difficult to eat. Worse yet, the infection can spread from the affected tooth to other parts of the mouth. In severe cases, the infection can even get into the bloodstream. Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent complications, so you can take advantage of our emergency dentist Minneapolis services.

Repair of Dental Work

Missing crowns, missing fillings and other problems can put the affected tooth at risk and cause significant discomfort. We can fix these problems to alleviate pain and protect your teeth from additional damage. You do not need to put off needed dental work in the evening or on weekends since our team of experts offers emergency dentist Minneapolis services.

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