Do dental implants hurt? That’s one of the first questions we hear when we meet with patients who have missing teeth. Just as there is no one-size-fits-all dental implant procedure neither is there a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether dental implants hurt.

We do offer various levels of sedation for our patients and this certainly addresses pain and in some cases can make your dental implant procedure a pain-free and stress-free procedure.

The dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, MN understand the fear of pain is a real concern for many patients — whether they’re having a dental cleaning or a dental implant procedure. Our awareness of this means that we take steps from the very first contact with our patients to assess their level of concern about the potential of pain during a dental procedure and then we can talk with them to address it.

What happens during a dental implant procedure?

Patients who have opted for dental implants may experience discomfort following the procedure, when they are at home recovering. Here is what is involved in a dental implant procedure (note that not all of these procedures may be the same for every patient — this is a typical procedure):

  • Tooth extraction, if needed
  • Making an incision into the gum to get to the jawbone
  • Drilling into the jawbone to insert the titanium post that will hold the implant
  • Placing a tooth on the post

We monitor our patients throughout the procedure to assure your comfort level, both during and after the procedure. Your dentist will prescribe pain medication for you to use at home if you need it.

How do we address the potential for pain?

We will use a local numbing anesthesia. You can decide to be sedated for the procedure and if you choose that option, we will explain the levels we offer. If you choose sedation dentistry, you may need transportation to and from the dental visit.

Because of the length of many dental implant procedures, many of our patients choose sedation because it can be uncomfortable to keep their mouths open for so long. Other patients may not want to hear the noise and still others don’t like the feeling of the pressure exerted on their jaw during the procedure.

How much pain can I expect?

Pain, if you experience it, will be different from every other patient’s pain. It depends as much on your individual pain threshold and the extent of work our dentists had to perform. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to determine what your potential level of pain or discomfort may be. That’s why we provide a prescription for pain medication and the various levels of sedation.

We would loe to say, “you will not experience any discomfort with your dental implant procedure,” but that’s not a promise any dentist can truly make. What we try to do at Gendler Dental Center is make your dental procedure — whether for a dental implant or a dental cleaning as comfortable as possible.

Is there anything I can do to minimize discomfort after my dental implant procedure?

  • Find a dentist who is experienced in performing dental implants
  • Find a dentist who is compassionate to your fears and reservations about the procedure
  • Follow all post-operative instructions
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink from straws
  • Use an ice pack to alleviate swelling
  • Use pain medications if you need them
  • Don’t gargle
  • Bathe your gums in warm salt water, according to the instructions we provide
  • Avoid solid, hard and sticky foods
  • If you experience pain and it seems to be getting worse, rather than better, call our office immediately
  • Rest and relax following the procedure

To learn more about dental implant procedures, attend a free Dental Implant Seminars. Click here for dental implant seminar information or call our office for information.

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