Due to advances in dental technology, you no longer have to hide an unsightly smile from the world. Gendler Dental Center offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to improve your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. Because our practice offers sedation dentistry services and uses the latest dental technology, you can have a beautiful smile in less time and with less discomfort than you would if you chose other methods of smile restoration.

Natural Fillings

If you are tired of seeing dark fillings when you smile, we can replace those fillings with natural-looking alternatives. Another benefit of using natural-colored fillings is that they help strengthen the teeth. Porcelain is one of the best materials to use for dental inlays or onlays, as it is more durable than other filling materials. Porcelain inlays also preserve more of the tooth’s natural structure and create a watertight seal when they are bonded to your teeth. It is possible to match these inlays and onlays to your natural teeth, so no one will even know you had a filling.

Dental Bleaching

Coffee, tobacco, and other substances may create unsightly stains that make your smile less attractive. Instead of living with the problem, consider having a Hopkins dentist bleach your

teeth. In-office bleaching usually takes just one session, making it a faster and more convenient alternative to using over-the-counter tooth whitening kits. During a bleaching session, one of our dentists will apply bleach to the surface of your teeth and then shine a powerful light on the teeth. This light releases oxygen, which helps the bleach achieve outstanding results. We also offer home bleaching, which is also more effective than over-the-counter bleaching treatments. When you whiten your teeth at home, you use a bleaching tray to whiten your teeth while you sleep. We fit these trays to your teeth so that the bleach reaches the entire surface of your smile. We also provide detailed instructions about how to use the bleaching trays for best results.

If you sustained dental trauma at any point, you may have missing or damaged teeth. These flaws affect your smile, so it’s good to know there are option out there for you to correct such problems. During a bonding treatment, a dentist in Hopkins MN applies a resin to the outer surface of the damaged tooth. This resin is shaped to match the rest of your teeth, so it is useful for repairing chipped teeth or changing the shape of your teeth. This procedure is less involved than some cosmetic dentistry procedures, so it may be more compatible with your budget or your schedule.

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