Cosmetic dentist Minnetonka MN is the resolution necessary for any marred teeth. Such a service is proposed when the necessity arises due to loss of proper utility and reliability of a patient’s teeth. Our cosmetic dentist in Minnetonka, MN, have long excel in the reinstatement of teeth not just for their appropriate purpose but also that it runs parallel to the patient’s classification of beauty.

Our team of cosmetic dentists in Minnetonka, MN, have immersed themselves extensively in the study which will enhance the bond between lips, gums and teeth. In short, such practice can be considered as a work of art.Our satisfied clients in the Minnetonka area have long been made accessible to a wide-range of cosmetic dental services because we understand their quest for a perfect smile that consists of a gleaming row of white teeth.

Whitening – One of our most popular and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures. There are two offered options of whitening: vital whitening and non-vital whitening. Our dentist will guide you in choosing the accurate option for your needs.
Veneers – A case of tooth overcrowding, concealment of a badly, disfigured tooth, over stained teeth, and discontinuing gaps between tooth can be mended with fashioned porcelain by our cosmetic dentist. In general, veneers have always been a preference due to its durability.
Crowns – These are fixed prosthetic which are an alternative especially when a tooth has encountered a heavy damage yet can still be salvaged. Our cosmetic dentist will suggest a porcelain crown when more of the natural structure of the tooth is absent.
Composite Fillings – We take into consideration the color of your teeth that it pairs with the composite material (made of blended fragments of glass and resin) as it is strengthened by a bonding agent to the involved crack, fracture and degenerating tooth.
Dental Implants – This cosmetic enhancement takes in a prosthetic tooth root as a substitute to a missing tooth initiated either by natural or artificial reasons.