Caring for your baby’s teeth is something that the dentists at Gendler Dental Center take very seriously. They understand that healthy teeth at a young age will lead to healthier teeth throughout their lives.

As soon as your child’s teeth erupt you should schedule a dental office visit as a way to begin good dental habits early. As parents, too, it’s your responsibility to set a good example for your children and teach them how to brush and floss and to understand the importance of dental examinations and check-ups.

Keep in mind that children do not have a fear of the dentist; that is a fear they learn from having a bad dental experience or if their parents say things like, “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” or “Don’t worry, Mommy will be right with you.” Let your children form their own opinion about the dentist. One way to assure your children have an amazing dental experience is to call our dental care office in Hopkins, Minnesota and schedule your child’s first appointment.


Pediatric Caries aka Cavities: Cavities happen when bacteria stick to plaque on a child’s teeth. When your child drinks or eats, the sugars from the food feeds the bacteria in their mouth and can lead to a cavity or infection.

Don’t let your child sleep with a bottle of juice or milk as this increases the risk for childhood cavities. Childhood caries that go untreated can lead to mouth pain and loss of your child’s teeth.

Limit your child’s intake of sweet, sugary foods or drinks and clean your child’s teeth after they have a meal. Until your child is old enough to brush his or her own teeth, you will need to brush for them.

Thumb Sucking: If your child sucks his thumb, rest assured that it is something that many infants do as a way to soothe themselves. As your child ages, she may suck her thumb becaue she is anxious, bored or tired.

Be aware that persistent thumb sucking can lead to your child’s teeth becoming misalinged and this could impact their teeth when they come in.

Gendler Dental Center dentists have the necessary technology to correct dental health issues before they become serious. If you’re worried about your child’s dental health because he or she sucks their thumb, ask us about a dental appliance that will prevent him from sucking his thumb.

Oral Trauma: Children are at greater risk for oral trauma because they typically have no fear when they are playing and that can increase their risk for broken or chipped teeth or other dental damage.

Our dentists have the tools and more importantly the “chairside manner” to work with pediatric patients who have suffered a dental trauma. During the treatment of a dental trauma, your child will have a thorough dental examination and x-rays. The x-rays are used to identify any potential for underlying damage to teeth, gums or oral cavity. After we have identified the trauma, we will develop a dental treatment plan based on the dental trauma your child has suffered based on type, location and severity of the injury.

Give our dental office a call to schedule an appointment for your child. Get him or her off on the right foot toward lifelong dental health.

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