Have any of you heard of getting braces and taking them off in an average time of 6 months? Sounds too good to be true but it actually is possible. The 6 Month Braces technology makes this happen. The techniques used were put together in the 1980’s by Dr. RJ. Depaul but it’s not until today that we have the technology to make it a reality.

This type of braces is different from traditional metal braces in a number of ways. The first being that the treatment time is obviously much shorter compared to 2-3 years. While the traditional braces align all teeth and fix major bite problems, the primary goal of 6 month braces is to work on the cosmetics of a smile. It will correct spacing or gaps, crooked and overcrowded teeth by moving them to their proper position. This is nice to have as an option since some of us may only want to fix the cosmetics our teeth without having to get numerous crowns or veneers. But with such a swift time to get results, we may worry how this may be done without causing pain or damage to the gums, roots and teeth.

The braces technology works by using high-tech Nickel-Titanium arch wires which gently puts pressure on the teeth and guides them into place. These wires have whats called a “shape memory” so no matter how much the wire is twisted, bent, or deformed by the current position of the teeth it will return to its original shape, creating an even smile. Additionally, these braces cost less then regular braces since the treatment time is shorter. They are also less noticeable on your teeth because the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth colored. Regular monthly visits to make adjustments to the braces are still required during treatment time. This may be an excellent option of braces for adults who don’t want to wear a mouth full of metal braces, who want fast results, and who want to improve the aesthetics of their smile.

Ask your dentist if they offer the 6 month braces solution or make an appointment at the Gendler Dental Center where Dr. Joseph Gendler can fully inspect your teeth and tell you whether you are the right candidate for them. This can be the first big step that will give you beautiful results in your cosmetic dentistry experience.

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